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"I first came across Odette when I was 11 weeks pregnant and with a terrible migraine that had lasted 5 days. As I was no longer able to take my migraine tablets I was desperate to find an alternative solution.

I managed to get an emergency session with Odette where she treated me in between patients and the 30 minutes I had with her made me feel human again. Following that session I decided to have a regular acupuncture sessions with her throughout my pregnancy to prevent migraine.

She is amazing and thanks to her I did not have a single headache or migraine throughout my pregnancy and 5 months after. I'm back seeing her now occasionally for migraine treatment and general well-being as life as a mum can be quite tough on your body.

I have introduced her to my friends and would recommend her to anyone who is or has been suffering from migraines. She is an amazing person and a fantastic acupuncturist!"

A.S. (about Odette)

"I have for a number of years, suffered from damaged vertebrae in my neck. This caused me both pain and restriction of movement to my right shoulder and arm. I was recommended to come to the acupuncture clinic when conventional treatment ceased to have much effect. I wasn't entirely optimistic, but got to the stage of trying anything that might help.

Now after 6 sessions of acupuncture, massage and cupping, I have regained the full range of movement in my shoulder and arm and no longer experience that nagging constant pain. I have also been given simple techniques to use at home to support the treatment in the clinic. It has proved to be a success for me and I can highly recommend the Hampstead Heath Acupuncture Clinic to anyone seeking an alternative way of dealing with health issues."

Kristina (about Alex)

"I went to see Odette for treatment for some chronic health problems including lower back trouble and thyroid imbalance - the sorts of problems that conventional medicine offers only very limited solutions for. Odette was very attentive and professional during our treatment, knowledgeable about both the problems and the range of solutions that TCM offers to address them including acupuncture, cupping, diet and herbal medicine."

Lucy (about Odette)

"I have advanced osteo-arthritis of the right hip and experience flare ups from time to time.  My most recent flare up was so severe that I made up my mind to go ahead with a replacement.  Luckily, my son-in-law simply made an appointment for me.  Following my treatment, I felt the need to rest a great deal and the pain I experienced was greatly reduced eventually disappearing completely for a time.  More importantly, I feel that there is hope for me now - with the cumulative effects of acupuncture and chinese medicine I can delay surgery for as long as possible, or even avoid it altogether.  During my session- everything was explained to me in detail and although I had been dreading the session, not least because of the amount of pain I had, it proved to be comfortable and highly effective.  I am very grateful to Alex Jacobs."

- Tamara (about Alex)

"For the past three years, Odette has been my personal Acupuncturist and the official therapist for warrior arts. She has successfully treated all manner of injuries including back pain, shoulder injuries and neck problems. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an expert in her field."

Dave Verma - Martial Arts Teacher at Warrior Arts (about Odette)

"After the treatment I felt calmer, at night I was able to get undistrubed sleep and the swelling in my foot became considerably reduced.
Overall I felt relaxed, de-stressed and enjoyed the whole experience as it was the first time I had received acupuncture therapy.
I would definately recommend it to my friends and would want a repeat treatment.
Thank you very much."

- Priya (about James)

"I am far too old and worldly to believe in miracles, and certainly did not expect that much would change from having a course of acupuncture. For the past 60 years I have been unable to cool down once hot. I couldn't perspire and thus stayed red-faced (not a pretty sight) for many hours. Headaches followed within ten minutes of being in the hot sun or in a hot room. Within three treatments I have begun to perspire, and thus keep from over-heating, and can now avoid these headaches. Alex's skill has changed my life. It sounds trite, but I am now 'a believer'! and very grateful indeed."

- Riva (about Alex)

"I was in a lot of pain from my lower back, and my GP had diagnosed a muscular inflammation and prescribed 'Ibuprufen's big brother' as pain relief.
After just one session, I no longer needed to take these anti-inflammatory drugs and felt so relaxed that I floated through the rest of the day. Two days later I still have not taken any pain relief after being on a high dose daily."

- Anne (about James)

"I went to see Odette for cosmetic acupuncture before my wedding.  I truly believe it is effective in minimising fine lines, tautening the skin and improving the condition of the skin on the face. It is even possible to notice a difference after one or two treatments.  It is a painless and relaxing experience, especially when combined with one of Odette’s wonderful facial massages."

- Sinead (about Odette)

"After almost a year with what I would call "Frozen Shoulder",during which time there seem to be little if any improvement despite two lots of cortizone injections I decided to try acupuncture. After 4 sessions of massage and acupuncture spaced one week apart there was such an improvement in the mobility of my arm and shoulder and a very significant reduction the the pain to the point that I felt that no more treatment was required. On top of this I felt that the fees charged were more than reasonable. Many thanks."

- Steven (about Alex)

"James was so professional and had so much knowledge about Acupuncture. It truly was an amazing treatment. I have had Acupuncture before and I have to say that this was the best one!"

- Maz (about James)

Odette's advice and treatments have been absolutely life-changing for me. I went to Odette with a history of chronic asthma and recurring insomnia and chest infections. She took a holistic approach, which I really appreciated. She took time to understand my lifestyle and to get to know me. Almost immediately, I felt a positive difference. Now, I know what being truly healthy feels like. I couldn't recommend Odette more-she is everything a healer should be and more.

M. W. (about Odette)

I feel very lucky to have found Odette as she has helped me enormously with my fertility problems/poor reproductive health.

In September 2015 and at the age of 41 I started treatments with Odette where she took a full medical history and listened patiently about the long term stress/emotional factors in my life that were now causing me serious ill health and preventing me from being able to conceive a child with my partner.  Odette’s treatment is unlike any other acupuncture session I have had before as she starts off each session with a consultation about how everything is going in life, then she starts the treatment with a healing, relaxing massage before the acupuncture begins.

Odette gave me a lot of guidance about how to improve my nutrition and what books to read about boosting fertility.  I was spurred on by Odette’s encouragement to properly address my health issues with my GP.   I had various fertility tests performed in October 2015, which diagnosed that I had elevated FSH and low ovarian reserve.  I also was given the bad news that I had multiple fibroids and that combined with my poor hormone results things were not looking good for my baby making hopes.  My GP then referred me to UCLH for expert consultation.

As soon as Odette learned all this she advised me to take traditional Chinese herbal medicine so that together with the acupuncture and my improved diet we could work towards improving my health. I listened to Odette and started taking herbal medicine targeted at addressing the fibroids and balancing my hormones.   When I met with the hospital consultant in January 2016 he was not entirely hopeful about my fertility prospects and actually didn’t think much about my alternative therapies and instead spoke of surgery for the fibroids and drug therapy.

However, the western medicine practitioners are now baffled that my new hormone test results taken in February 2016 show that my FSH score has lowered and is entirely within the normal range for my age now and my AMH (ovarian reserve) has increased.  My ultrasound scan taken in March 2016 shows that my fibroids have in fact begun to shrink significantly.  Sadly I cannot receive any IVF treatment from the NHS as I am now age 42, however my GP is much more hopeful of my chances of conceiving either naturally or with IVF and I am due to see the hospital consultant again about my prospects.

Thanks to Odette’s healing treatments I am now on the road to recovering my reproductive health and God willing I will be able to conceive a healthy child.

T. F. (about Odette)

Odette has helped me consistently over the last year or so. She has treated me for irregular periods, very effectively. She is always supportive, understanding and intuitive. Although I have been stubborn sometimes and not followed her advice about lifestyle and diet, whenever I do, the results are immediate. Her treatments have regulated my periods and provided much needed insight and support to think more constructively about my body. I don’t know what I would have done without her the last year. I really believe that she is largely responsible for maintaining my health through some stressful times. She is a wonderful, kind and skillful person. Thank you Odette.

K.M. (about Odette)