Transformational Touch

At West Hampstead Acupuncture we offer the Transformational Touch Therapy (TTT). This unique form of psychosomatic bodywork is performed at Yi Dao clinic by Marina Brooun, a Transformational Touch therapist, acupuncturist and herbalist.

You can book with Marina directly via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text message 07951 574 319.


This is Massage, not Reiki!

The TTT had naturally evolved from the best of Western and Eastern massage traditions, taking the quality of touch and therapeutic impact to a much advanced level. The silky feel of massage touch allows pouring down of the therapist body weight through the areas of contact providing reassuring support to the muscles and connective tissues and, therefore, inviting the client to let go of any physical, mental and emotional tension. This treatment will ripple through the whole of your being and help you transform your life.


What to expect?

The actual treatment has 3 stages: 1) 10 minute consultation, 2) 1hr massage and 3) post-massage integration time (5min) while lying on the couch and then walking around the couch.

It is important to complete all 3 stages.


Why is this style of massage called the Transformational Touch therapy?

Your treatment will always include a 10 minute consultation. This time is used to acknowledge your current physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual state of being before your massage. It also allows you to set your treatment outcomes, and therefore open your mind to the desired changes. Some examples of the treatment outcomes are feeling loose physically, more positive or nurtured emotionally, refreshed or rested energetically, mentally clear or in touch with your purpose in life, etc. It will be always something unique and relevant to you on the day of your treatment.

TTT massage is a very versatile treatment and can be done using various techniques, depths and speeds. In your 10 minute consultation, your practitioner Marina Brooun will explain all these approaches and you will design your own treatment according to your current state of being and desired outcomes.

The TTT is a journey of transformation from the moment of acknowledging your pre-treatment state of wellbeing, setting a goal and becoming aware of the post-treatment changes immediately after your session as well as over the next few days. This clarity of where you are and where you wish to go, shared with your therapist, as well as your active participation in choosing the treatment approach allows you to take charge of your life and arrive at your desired destination. The therapist’s role is to create a safe space for this change to take place through delivering exquisite touch and staying in tune with their own breath, flow and softness of movement.


Vital agreements between yourself and your practitioner

The no pain no gain myth

When receiving your TTT massage it is important to let your practitioner know if they are hurting you or you are uncomfortable in any way. Your comfort, relaxed breathing and feeling the touch are the key factors to receiving a deep transformational treatment. When you feel pain your body response is “fight or flight” meaning  increased physical and emotional tension as well as mental alertness, which prevent you from relaxation. In order to allow the transformation to happen you should aim for a pain-free and quiet mind state experience, where the body's innate healing abilities have a chance to readjust and realign any aspects of your reality. The TTT massage techniques are only the messengers to your innate body's intelligence to heal itself. Sometimes this healing can take unexpected turns, not mentioned in your desired outcomes, as the result of this inner intelligence.


Styles of TTT massage

The main styles of TTT massage can be summed up as:

1)      Connecting – deep and slow strokes which can help the mind-body connection, grounding, spinal realignment, opening the chest, freeing up the breathing and more

2)      Nurturing – long, flowing, enveloping and soothing strokes which can help you relax and restore on many levels

3)      Structural – involves gentle stretching, structural realignment, larger muscle groups specific work

4)      Replenishing – helps by tapping into the body's deeper energy reserves and is ideal for health restoration after a long-term illness or exhaustion or terminal illness. This style consists of light and slow strokes with moments of stillness.

5)      Energising – light, fast and zippy strokes, which can help by clearing energy blockages leaving you refreshed and energised

6)      Detoxifying – the foot and abdominal treatment to assist natural elimination of toxins, which also helps boosting mental clarity and deep relaxation

Due to its versatility, the TTT massage can easily replace the most popular styles of massage such as Holistic massage, Aromatherapy massage (when done with essential oils), Deep Tissue massage and Pregnancy massage (in the side lying position).


How much is it?

1hr 15 min appointment (60 min massage) - £75

1hr 45 min appointment (90 min massage) - £95


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Marina Brooun on 07951 574 319 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also visit her personal website