Acupuncture & other Chinese Medicine therapies*Chinese Herbal Medicine TreatmentChinese (Tui Na) Massage Treatment
Initial SessionInitial Session30 Minute Session
70-90 MinutesUp to 1 hour
Includes cost of first week of herbs
Follow-up sessionsFollow-up sessions60 Minute Session
£70£60 per week£80
60 MinutesIncludes cost of herbs and all necessary consultations

Other therapies
Transformational Touch Massage1h 45 min£100
Transformational Touch Massage1h 15 min£80
Aromatherapy Massage1h 15 min£80
Nervous System Soothing Massage1h 15 min£80
Initial session and treatment70-90 min£85
Follow-up sessions1h£65
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture1h 30 min£110
Anti-Cellulite Massage1h 30 min£85
Stop Smoking Ear Acupuncture30 minutes£40